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Author Presentations for Schools, Homeschool Groups, Libraries and Organizations

The standard length for all but the Writing a Mystery Lapbook is 45-60 minutes, depending on your needs.

How a Writer Writes a Book

The author shares the story of “The Feather Chase” beginning with the initial concept which came to her while driving on the Interstate. Kids are fascinated by the writing process, especially how a page from a word processor – something they’re familiar with – becomes a page in a book. A word search puzzle with words from the “The Feather Chase” and mystery terms is included. This presentation is suitable for any age.

What’s in a Mystery?

After first talking about mysteries and learning about the various vocabulary involved – clues, detective, red herring, etc. – the author will leave the room then return in costume with clues such as mud on her shoes and a note sticking out of a pocket visible for the kids. She and the kids then work together to create a mystery based on what they see. This presentation can be geared to younger or older kids. 

Writing a Mystery Lapbook

This session is different from the others in that it is twice the length of the other sessions. The kids begin The Feather Chase lapbook (see Signed Books & More for additional information) and talk about mystery and writing terms. As they complete the lapbook after the author has left, they will write their own mystery short story. This presentation can be done with any age. All materials are provided.

Please contact the author for pricing and availability. 

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