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Thank you for stopping by. Please click on the links below to take you to books, freebies, and other info related to the books.

I hope you enjoy reading each of the stories.


All of the books and series

Alaska Dream Romances

Sweet and clean romances set in my home state of Alaska

FREE Short Story

Sample the Alaska Dream Romance series with Together in Alaska, a short story about two minor characters in Falling for Alaska (book 1) who return in Crazy About Alaska (book 3). (No email required)

Christian Fiction Journal

A beautiful reader’s journal

About Shannon

Find out more about Shannon L. Brown, how she got started writing, and her books.

Crime-Solving Cousins Mysteries

Fast-paced and fun mysteries for ages 8-12.

Downloadables for Kids

Great, fun things for kids (with parents’ permission)

FREE Lapbook PDF

An educational project tied to The Feather Chase. Download the free 63-page lapbook project PDF with teacher’s guide. In addition, it has the first chapters of the book. (No email required)


Trailer and interviews


Helpful legal information

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