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Lapbook Kit

The Feather Chase Mystery Writing Lapbook*

​This downloadable lapbook kit (.pdf) has three parts, all tying back to the The Feather Chase:

Part One: the reader learns more about what they just read, such as details about London and tunnels.

Part Two: Using The Feather Chase, the reader learns about the parts of a novel and mystery.

Part Three: The reader writes his or her own mystery, incorporating  what they learned in Part Two.

*If you’re unfamiliar with lapbooks, they are a wonderful method of hands-on learning. A lesson is broken down into parts, minibooks are made for each, and the minibooks are attached to a folder. Example: In “Jessica’s London,” there is a page of text about London to read. Then a layered minibook is cut out, questions on it are answered, and London is marked on a map.

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