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Making Learning Fun

A fun mystery becomes a tool for teaching writing.

Kids enjoy the book. Then they write a mystery.

What’s a lapbook? It’s a fun project for kids.

Kids (even reluctant readers) love mysteries because they want to know what happens next. The Feather Chase becomes an educational tool with this free kit.

A 63-Page PDF with Parent/Teacher Guide.

Clear directions for every step. Beta reader tested and approved.

Print it. Add in two file folders, scissors, glue, and staples to create it.

A secret about the series . . .

Main characters Sophie and Jessica have solved three mysteries . . . so far — The Feather Chase, The Treasure Key and The Chocolate Spy.

Crime-Solving Cousins mysteries remind Shannon of the Nancy Drew mysteries she enjoyed as a kid.

Praise for The Feather Chase

“Jessica and Sophie in The Feather Chase are the new dynamic duo for solving crimes! And I mean it when I say dynamic! Jessica is a city girl, laced with adornments, frills, and trimmings who doesn’t like to get dirty. Sophie loves the great outdoors and can smell an adventure a mile away, whether it actually exists or not.

“I really enjoyed this book! It was so much fun to read and I enjoyed solving the mystery right along with the protagonists! Brown does a beautiful job of adding many different elements to her story to keep the reader interested . . . The storyline itself was entertaining and didn’t at all seem drawn out or wordy. It moved at the perfect pace, especially for a young reader.” – The Indigo Quill

4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon!
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