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Are You Ready to Write or Self-Publish Your Book?

I coach authors one-on-one.

Did you dive into writing your book or researching self-publishing and feel like you were drowning? 

Been there. Done that.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned with 8 books.

You’ll soon feel like you’re in control of the process. You’ll understand your next step. 

Happy Self-Publishing


Writing a book isn’t for sissies. You need to find your way from a blank page to “the end” and you don’t have a map. I’ve published eight books, so I not only have the map, I’ll be your tour guide the whole way.


If you’ve decided to self-publish, the process has many steps. More than that, every week there seems to be a change in the process, sometimes small, sometimes great. 

I’m one of those people who learns everything she can about a subject. I research it, check the options, then choose my path. After eight books, that means I’ve learned a lot about the writing and self-publishing process. (I should mention that it’s often now called indie publishing.)

I learned so much that people contacted me with questions about self-publishing. Friends and acquaintances sent people my way when they had questions. I’ve coached on the phone, via email and over breakfast at a local cafe. 

I realized that I could help people by offering personalized, one-on-one, self-publishing coaching.

Women Author Coaching

With Dream Book one-on-one coaching:

  • I will guide you through the process with regular, half-hour phone calls
  • Give weekly goals tailored to your situation to keep you focused
  • Help you see new possibilities
  • Hold you accountable to accomplish your goals and dreams

To be clear, I won’t be co-writing or publishing your book. I will be coaching you through the process as you write or publish your book, a quality book that equals one released by a major publisher. 

Coaching from someone who’s been there can make the journey so much better. 

I understand the market and the difference between a book that has the potential to be a best seller, and one that doesn't.

Crazy About Alaska - Best Seller

Taking action brings a dream closer to reality. Contact me today and we’ll get started.

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