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Advantages Of Self-Publishing

Advantages of Self-Publishing

If you’re on the fence about self-publishing, this post on the advantages of self-publishing and this post about the disadvantages of self-publishing may help make up your mind. I also made an audio recording that goes through some of the…

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Working From Home: Stop Time-Draining Distractions

Working From Home: Stop Time-Draining Distractions

Working from home, whether you're a self-published author or selling a product, comes complete with land mines of distraction. Stop these time-draining work distractions today so tomorrow can be more productive. • House chores: laundry, dishes, cleaning • The online…

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Why You Need A WordPress Website

Why you need a WordPress website

There are many website companies whispering in your ear, "Buy me. We’re the best. Grow your business with us." You’re probably hearing most often about WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. I’ve used all three of these companies. I had a WordPress…

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Could You Self-Publish A Book

Could you self-publish a book?

If you’re writing a book or have already finished it, you may be considering self-publishing, what’s now often called indie publishing. You may have wondered if self-publishing is for you. Could you manage a project like this and self-publish a…

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What Not To Do When You Self-publish A Book

What not to do when you self-publish a book

The start of a self-publishing journey can be overwhelming. I know that personally. If you’ve started exploring how to self-publish, you probably have a long to-do list. Here are nine things you may be able to take off that list.…

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Cost Of Publishing Your First Book

Costs of Your Publishing Your First Book

Self-publishing your books is as simple as writing it, then uploading it to Amazon. Done. Right? The steps between writing “The End” and clicking publish are the key to a successful book. Those steps sometimes come with a price. So,…

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Have You Wondered - What Are Stock Photos?

What are stock photos?

Should you pick a paid photo or free in your photo search? When you use a photo or other image for a book cover or marketing, you need to know you have the right to use that photo. With anything you…

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Avoid Self-Publishing Burnout

5 ways to avoid self-publishing burnout

Everyone who works from home for even a short time has realized that it’s easy to work 24/7. When you're a self-published writer, you can work too many hours and you can think about your next book the rest of the…

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Easy Canva Part I - Using Canva's Layouts

Easy Canva: How to use Canva’s Layouts

Canva is my site of choice for making a  Facebook meme with a quote or another marketing project. In this Easy Canva with video post, you'll learn to quickly and simply use Canva's layouts, their basic system for having professional-looking…

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