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10 Tips For A Less Stressful Author Life

10 Tips for a Less Stressful Author Life

Small things can make a big difference in your stress level and how you feel about being an author. Take a moment to read through this list of 10 tips. Choose just one thing to do today to help you have a less stressful author life. Read it again tomorrow and choose another. 10 Tips for a less stressful author life PRINTABLE

10 Tips for a less stressful author life PRINTABLE

Less Stressful Author Tip #1: Clean your office . . .

You’re saying (perhaps loudly) that you don’t have time to do that. The funny thing is that when you take an hour to straighten up your office, your work life is better. You feel more in control and that feeling is a key to success. The work you turn out in a clean office can be better and faster than what’s done in one with junk piled everywhere.

Less Stressful Author Tip #2: Clean out your email inbox . . .

There she is with cleaning again! (I’m right that you thought that, aren’t I?) If you’re anything like me, it stresses you out every time you notice the number of unread emails in there. The perfect situation you’ve been wanting might be waiting in one of those emails. No, you say, they’re all junk mail? Delete the bunch of them. Bonus points to you if you’re caught up on this.

Less Stressful Author Tip #3: Take a break every hour . . .

Sitting too much has been proven to be very unhealthy. Get up, walk around. When the weather’s nice, step outside and feel the sun on your face. I guarantee that your head will feel clearer and life will look better if you routinely take breaks. Not to mention your shoulders and back.

Less Stressful Author Tip #4: Take a deep breath between tasks . . .

In an interview for an article that I had with time management expert Julie Morgenstern, I learned that when we too quickly switch between tasks, we kill brain cells. Seriously. They’re gone. So barreling along to your next task after you’ve focused intensely on the last one isn’t your best move. Lean back and relax for a moment. Maybe do a lap around the room. Then move onto your next task.

10 Tips for a Less Stressful Author Life

Less Stressful Author Tip #5: Take a tech break . . .

What? you cry! I must check email/phone every ten/fifteen/thirty minutes to make sure I don’t have contact from a client. Take a morning, afternoon, or evening off. You’ll be amazed at how free you feel. This isn’t recommended on a day when you’re actually expecting a call. Choose a day that’s open.

Turtles sunbathing as I walked on a lakeside trail

Less Stressful Author Tip #6: Go for a walk . . .

Depending on where you live, this one may take the most time, but if you’re able to get to a place with clean air, green grass and/or trees, your mind can clear. I find that when I’m not as focused on work, when I give my mind time to smell the roses and listen to birds tweeting, awesome ideas come to me. The perfect answer to a problem pops into my mind. I just needed to give it some space to be there.

Less Stressful Author Tip #7: Do something nice for someone else . . .

If you thought, whew, she’s lost it now! I know that the happy feeling you get when you’ve made someone else’s day better can push you through yours.

Less Stressful Author Tip #8: Sleep . . .

If I get less than six hours of sleep, I can’t think as clearly. It drops another notch at five hours, and by four hours I can only do orderly tasks that require little original thinking or imagination. With eight hours, life just looks better. In fact, studies show that people who sleep more have less depression and anxiety, fewer heart problems and . . . better sex. (Bet you didn’t expect to see that in a business post.) If possible, find a way to put more sleep into your nights.

Less Stressful Author Tip #9: Un-procrastinate . . .

Do one task you’ve been putting off. Every time I notice a task that needs to be done, it throws another log onto the stress fire. It feels the same whether it’s a small job like cleaning my microwave — yours isn’t super disgusting, is it?— or a bigger job like rewriting the About page on my website. Checking something off your list will make you feel like you’re a winner and lead you to a less stressful home business.

Less Stressful Author Tip #10: Choose one thing . . .

At the end of the day, decide on one task you will definitely complete the next day. Finishing that will make you feel like you’re on top of your workload. A list with twenty things on it that you know you can’t complete in a week will make you constantly feel behind (read: stressed out). Keep those things on the long-term plan, but simplify tomorrow.

I hope you’re feeling better after reading this and that you’ll enjoy the blog posts that tackle many of these subjects and more. Anything that makes your author life better is fair game. We all want a less stressful life. Get the FREE 10 Tips Checklist Printable.

Please let me know what you’re interested in and what challenges you want to overcome.

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