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Hi. I’m Shannon Brown.

I’m an author of eight books who helps other authors write and publish their books.

This free workbook will give you a great start if you’re ready to publish.

A book today has to meet or exceed the quality of those published by traditional publishers. Are you ready?

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I’m a writer turned self-publisher who enjoys helping others discover their indie publishing path. 

In books, I’ve published six novels, one novella, and a journal since 2014. In articles, I’ve published about 700 articles in the past dozen years. I’ve learned a thing or two about writing and publishing. I found that I was helping many people with their publishing journey, so I decided to make it official with this site,

FREE Short Story

Receive Together in Alaska, an Alaska Dream Romance short story. The characters in this sweet and clean romance meet in Falling for Alaska and return in Crazy About Alaska.

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