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Lapbook Kit

The Feather Chase Mystery Writing Lapbook*

​This downloadable lapbook kit (.pdf) has three parts, all tying back to the The Feather Chase:

Part One: the reader learns more about what they just read, such as details about London and tunnels.

Part Two: Using The Feather Chase, the reader learns about the parts of a novel and mystery.

Part Three: The reader writes his or her own mystery, incorporating  what they learned in Part Two.

The cost is $8.00.

The .pdf of the lapbook will be emailed to you.

*If you’re unfamiliar with lapbooks, they are a wonderful method of hands-on learning. A lesson is broken down into parts, minibooks are made for each, and the minibooks are attached to a folder. Example: In “Jessica’s London,” there is a page of text about London to read. Then a layered minibook is cut out, questions on it are answered, and London is marked on a map.

The lapbook is also available as a FREE download. Click here

FREE Short Story

Receive Together in Alaska, an Alaska Dream Romance short story. The characters in this sweet and clean romance meet in Falling for Alaska and return in Crazy About Alaska.

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